My Story

I have been unaware of my full psychic abilities, up to the year 2018, when I started a conscious progress in psychic training. I fully explored in my development and everything went along quite rapidly, and I felt I had finally found my true calling.


I communicate with guides on the other side, and they share things, that are appropriate for my client’s needs, as of right now, in their lives. It can be feelings that need to be worked through, it can be a particular situation, in the here and now, where my client needs guidance, or it can be something related to the future to come.


I interpret what I receive from the other side, through visions in the shape of pictures or film clips. I hear full sentences single words, and I can feel my clients emotions and state of mind.


The name “Native Vision” came to me one day, from my own guide, and I knew right away this was ment to be. “Native” is particularly the right word for me, since I have Native American in my heritage from the tribes Omaha and Apache. And the word “Vision” is in connection to my gift as a psychic.